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The Art of Relating


Impactful leadership is changing. 

What was once seen as effective is no longer truly working & it’s time for a shift.  

It’s no longer about the hustle and grind, hiding your authentic self at work and holding back expressing in meetings to avoid conflict. 


We dove into what actually creates influential leadership. And we’ve recognized that everything boils down to communication, but not just any communication, empathic authentic communication. 


It’s time to let go of outdated systems of communication and connection. It’s not about being the polished, perfect leader with all of the answers. It’s about being real, authentic, and vulnerable, shedding any masks of protection, allowing yourself to actually be seen for who you are. 


It’s time to Pioneer a new form of Leadership in your life. 

About The Founders


Chelsae Zirna is the co-founder of The Art of Relating and has a mission of impacting 1 million leaders globally through authentic connection. She has been a speaker, coach, and leadership facilitator for over 10 years. She specializes in connecting leaders to their intuition, power, and purpose so that they can make an impact in the world stemming from a place of true self confidence and authenticity. 

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Stephanie Dickinson is the co-founder of The Art of Relating and she's on a mission to massively upgrade the emotional-relating skills of millions worldwide. She specializes in helping people increase their emotional intelligence & create rich and rewarding relationships in their personal and professional relationships. With her work around the globe in Authentic Relating trainings & workshops, Stephanie has  taken thousands of people from “This isn’t working!” to “This is better than I could’ve imagined!”

Even though Chelsae is a generation younger than me, she has a brilliant business sense, visionary mind, and she truly gets me and believes in me.  This last piece is priceless.  I've had so many coaches try to sell me on their program, and I felt like just a number.  Chelsae pours her heart and soul into our sessions together. Chelsae is an angel in my life, I am glad to call her my sister, my community member, my coach, and my friend.  

Debra Mazer,
Raw Food Chef & Life Coach

What She Says >

The Art of Relating is a communication mastery program designed to increase your power and quality of relationships, and equip you with the communication and mindfulness tools needed to create the impact and success you truly want in your career, all while experiencing more overall fulfillment. It was built for companies & leaders seeking higher employee retention, engagement, and connection. We host in person and virtual workshops. 





  • You are a leader in your organization and want to hone your natural leadership ability from a deeply unapologetically authentic place.

  • You personally haven't had a voice in your organization which caused alienation and communication breakdowns OR you want to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs within your organization and reduce communication conflict that would otherwise result in lost revenue and employee turnover.

  • You want to increase sales performance by selling from a place of authenticity and build long lasting clients that feel like more than just a quota to hit.

  • You feel undervalued and lack connection among your co-workers OR you want to increase connection and retention within your organization.

  • You are burnt out from Zoom meetings and virtual happy hours are no longer cutting it as an effective way to connect. You or your coworkers are experiencing lack of motivation or even depression from decreased connection and it's affecting results. 

Workshop Description

Our Art of Relating Workshop Series will provide the foundational tools yielding life changing results. We have guided thousands of men and women from over 40 countries to upgrade their personal and professional relationships and propel their leadership impact to new heights.

You will learn the fundamentals of Authentic Relating through a proven sequence of exercises which can be applied immediately, giving you the ability to create deeper trust and connection with co-workers, clients, and strangers with ease. 


We have designed this experiential learning program to take place in person over a half day workshop, a full day workshop, or over 9 virtual workshops, tailored to your company needs. This is not a lecture or seminar. It is a fully immersive experience that will leave you feeling confident. 

These practices work within companies, in personal relationships, in romantic relationships, among cultures all across the world. 

Program Options

Full Day Program

  • Learn the foundations of Authentic Relating and implement them fully over the course of one full day

  • Practice Deep Empathy & Authentic Listening

  • Learn to Establish Connection & Reflect

  • Learn to Set Context

  • Practice Different Leadership Tones

  • Learn to Transform Conflict 

  • Up to 50 People

Half Day Program

  • Learn the foundations of Authentic Relating and practice using the tools over (1) half day

  • Practice Deep Empathy & Authentic Listening

  • Learn to Establish Connection & Reflect

  • Learn to Set Context

  • Up to 50 People

Virtual Workshop Series

  • Learn the foundations of Authentic Relating over 9 (1) hour virtual workshop sessions

  • Practice Deep Empathy & Authentic Listening

  • Learn to Establish Connection & Reflect

  • Learn to Set Context

  • Practice Different Leadership Tones

  • Learn to Transform Conflict 

  • Up to 100 People



  • Engage in meaningful authentic conversation with anyone at any time

  • Cultivate deep trust with coworkers and clients through authentic connection

  • Develop a skillset to transparently express yourself

  • Step into authentic self expression through radical self acceptance

  • Form positive communication habits that carry throughout your life 

  • Increase your confidence and conflict management ability

  • Ignite fearless inspiration for expressing the things you truly want

  • Expand into your most impactful, powerful, empowered creation self

  • Master The Art of influential leadership through communication




The Art of Relating: a communication mastery program for companies that are looking for higher employee retention, engagement, and connection while working remotely. 

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