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 A Weekly Dance for Celebration, Exploration and Healing 

Awaken creativity & revelation. Unleash your spirit. Freely & authentically express yourself. Nourished by the energy of dance, cultivate a deep relationship with your body and with others. Our own body intelligence gives way to intuitive healing, awakening, and self-awareness.


Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation that frees the most authentic dance within you, generating magic, unity and transformational energy. We start with simple warm-up exercises meant to get our bodies moving, help us feel familiar within the space and with each other and prepare us for the dance journey.

For one hour, our DJ will create waves of slow and rapid music, guiding the dancers through different intensities. You can dance as you wish, alone or with others, big or small, lying on the floor or jumping in the air. Ecstatic Dance welcomes everyone and everything. We wish to create a safe container where you can feel free to express whatever comes up when you shake up your cells.



Thursday Nights 

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Chelsae Zirna

Embodiment Facilitator

Women’s Empowerment Coach, Business Mentor, Event Curator, Embodiment Facilitator, & Energy Balancer. 


Meggan Ellman

Kundalini Breathworker

Reiki Master Healer, Kundalini & Breathwork Facilitator, Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher & Holistic Health. 

 Ecstatic Dance Temple

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