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“Life is a dance between what you fear most and what you desire most.”

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Next Group Starts in June

The ultimate digital mastermind designed for the soulpreneur ready to build their dream business, meet a new version of themselves post-quarantine, & align their profession with their purpose with increased intuition & power.

The Soulpreneur


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The Soulpreneur Mastermind is a 8 week program (+ a few bonus weeks) for the soulpreneur ready to create your business with confidence, authenticity, power, and a deeper connection to purpose. This is the time to dive into your soul without hesitation and get to clear on what you want to contribute to the world. This is the time to go ALL IN with your purpose and build your business from the ground up. 


I know that you’re itching to lead a more impactful life. I know that you also want to feel purposeful. You want to feel aligned. You want to lead with that internal knowingness inside. 

Like a fly crashing into the window trying to get outside sometimes it isn't about trying harder, but instead reprogramming the subconscious mind and identifying the root desires and beliefs that create the box that is keeping you from freedom. 

This mastermind isn't just a business program. This is a place to step into a FUCK YES with what you are building. Until you are all in, you will question your path, and put in half assed effort. And on top of all of that, if you don't believe that you can actually do it, you will resist taking action. 

This course combines the principle of Ikigai with the Design Thinking methodology, the product management lifecycle, Tony Robbin's business broker blueprint, Vector Marketing's sales and management strategies, and 10 years of spiritual best practices.

This is your invitation to be supported in catalyzing the shift you want. In this program, I provide a structure to evolve and a space to grow.  From heart-mind alignment to mind-body connection to passion-vision creation, I am here to be the expander and the shepherd leading you home to your divine purpose & into creation mastery. 

“Life is a dance between what you want most and what you fear most.” 


Phase 1:

Rooting, Clearing & Deconditioning

Clear out old stories, reprogram the mind, recognize subconscious beliefs, and ground into the creation magic of mother earth

Phase 3:

Aligning with Purpose & Defining Ikigai 

From confusion to clarity, the secret to creation, creating momentum, step into your worth, align with Ikigai, gain tools and embody sacred rituals

Phase 5:

Design Thinking & Prioritization Grids

Create the foundation to your business using design thinking & Tony Robbins tools, prioritize your One Focus, map pain points to results, create the skateboard MVP 

Phase 7:

CEO: Chief Everything Officer

Client experience, financials, design, pricing, business tools

Bonus Phase:

Heart Centered Leadership

Heart Centered Leadership, Creating Consistency, Aligning with Synchronicities, Finding Flow States, Creating Lasting Client Relationships, Referrals

Phase 2:

Personal Empowerment & Energetic Patterning

Gain emotional intelligence and overcome triggers, step into vulnerability and trust, recognize creation patterns, come home to your natural essence

Phase 4:

Determine Niche, Your Why & Your Stories

Unlock unlimited creation potential through the heart, uncover your why, voice the stories that fuel your soul, share empowering stories, lean into vulnerability, gain self acceptance

Phase 6:

Build and Deliver

Create the business plan, validate market, ensure go to market readiness, and create

Phase 8:

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing, Branding, Cohesion, Collaborations, Partners, Social Media, Metrics

Bonus Phase:

Spiritual Alignment

Breath to Movement, Meditation, Magnetic Attraction, Spiritual Best Practices


Chelsae is an intelligent, positive, action-oriented, loving person. During our first coaching call, she helped me put together an action plan over the span of one hour- something I couldn’t do for myself in 6 months! Recommended to all my friends looking to unleash their souls true calling and live up to their best potential.

Chelsae is an intelligent, positive, action-oriented, loving person. During our first coaching call, she helped me put together an action plan over the span of one hour- something I couldn’t do for myself in 6 months! Recommended to all my friends looking to unleash their souls true calling and live up to their best potential.

Even though Chelsae is a generation younger than me, she has a brilliant business sense, visionary mind, and she truly gets me and believes in me.  This last piece is priceless.  I've had so many coaches try to sell me on their program, and I felt like just a number.  Chelsae pours her heart and soul into our sessions together. Chelsae is an angel in my life, I am glad to call her my sister, my community member, my coach, and my friend.  

Debra Mazer,
Raw Food Chef & Life Coach

What She Says >

Chelsae is incredible at bringing the best out of people and at seeing where they have to go. Not only did she show me sides I didn't know about myself, but helped me realize my true purpose and role in the professional world. Chelsae, simply - thank you!

Gui Perdrix,
Founder of Co-Living Daily

Hello lightworker,

You ARE magnificent.

You are a leader with incredible gifts. I see you working hard. I see you going after what you want. You are a magnificent. I truly see you.

You may be feeling this tug inside right about now. The world is opening up for you and it is time to bring your gifts to the world. The door is opening and it's time to walk through. Trust that you are being guided. You soul calling is pre-written in the starts. You are coming home to what already is. 

Crafting your business doesn't have to be so challenging. You shouldn't have to force it. It is your destiny. This is an invitation to reconnect with it. What you want, wants you. Your destiny has always existed. It is up to you to choose how closely you are willing to walk alongside of it. 

The world needs you right now. And you hold something so specific inside that someone out there is hoping for. 

Society has been encouraging you to keep pushing through to the next level, to follow the rules, to climb to the top, but no one ever teaches us which ladder to climb. And the more you push towards something that isn't meant for you, the more you hamper your ability to create and expand. 

This isn't the traditional business creation course. This is a program that will help you create from a place of alignment and joy. 

We all know that you can google how to build a business. But unless your soul is a FUCK YES to what you are building, you will question your path, put in half the effort, and take way less action. Not only do you have to know what you want, but you also then need the belief that you can do it. 

This course combines the Design Thinking methodology, the Product Management lifecycle, Tony Robbins's Business Broker Blueprint, Vector Marketing's Sales and Marketing Program and 10 years of spiritual best practices. 


Following your purpose requires three things: Capacity, Desire, and Vision. 


What you are really craving is a guide who truly has been there and a community of soulpreneurs who are expanding in the same way you are. You want to serve more people and create a wider impact through attracting the energy you put you into the world stemming from self confidence and self worth. You want to enjoy a powerful, abundant, balanced life. You want to make a difference without sacrificing what you need to be happy.

All of this is possible… and it doesn’t have to take years to get there. 

It's not a coincidence that you came across this page. Just by being here you are on the right path. Your soul is ready for the next level. You are being activated into what you came here for. You are ready.

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  • You are wanting to connect to your intuition in a deeper way, you've done personal development yet you want to feel more connected and certain of your path so that you can take massive action.

  • You are a leader in the world, and want to hone your natural leadership ability from a deeply unapologetically authentic place.

  • You have a strong desire to be surrounded by people you truly love and respect built on less fear and more love and you want your business to reflect that.

  • You wants to learn how to build your business from vision to program/event launch.

  • You want to tap into deep creativity and access that space of infinite possibility, step into alignment with your soul purpose by getting to know your creation matrix energetic patterning.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who come alive.

After we have our phone call, you are welcome to choose the option that best suits what you want most in your life

Above All, Listen To Your Intuition.

Investment Options

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6 Group Mastermind Calls

The Full Program Content

One 1:1 Call


Chelsae & Meggan - MNP Photos (4-28-19)-



6 Group Mastermind Calls

The Full Program Content

Three 1:1 Calls

Astrology Reading





6 Group Coaching Calls

The Full Program Content

Three 1:1 Calls

Astrology Reading

Half Day Business Session

Free access to all events in 2020



Irina Gavriliu, Entrepreneur

Committed. Grounded. Encouraging. With every question, Chelsae has the superpower to show you who you truly are! She gave me clarity and confidence on my next steps when I needed it the most!



Elise Akin, Founder of

Bake and Skate

Tribe 29 has brought me together with such incredible and talented ladies who continue to help me grow in my business and into a better, more creative version of myself. So incredibly grateful for what this Tribe is doing together. 


Vanessa Alvarez, Founder of Voyage Hair Spa

Chelsae is an intelligent, positive, action-oriented, loving person. During our first coaching call, she helped me put together an action plan over the span of one hour- something I couldn’t do for myself in 6 months! Recommended to all my friends looking to unleash their souls true calling and live up to their best potential.


  • Intimate group coaching calls every week with a small group of women who will cheer you on as you beautifully shift

  • Guided meditations, visualizations, and healings as well as access to bonus mindfulness material for future use

  • Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions throughout the course

  • Journaling assignments with daily actions for integration tailored for your growth

  • Private Facebook group for unlimited support, encouragement, community, sharing

  • Optional content to deepen your journey with podcasts, videos, & workbooks

  • Option to Receive a Free Astrology Reading



        The Feminine

  • Accept your authentic self fully for who you are

  • Cultivate deep trust with yourself through intuitive connection

  • Find lasting fulfillment through alignment with your highest most authentic truth

  • Step into authentic self expression through radical self acceptance

  • Become a co-creator and instant manifestor tuning into divine synchronicity

  • Form positive daily mindfulness habits that carry through life 

  • Connect with feminine frequency & the pulse of mother nature, aligning with the cycles and rhythms of earth 


  • The Masculine 

  • Gain clarity on your purpose

  • Increase your confidence and decision making with reassurance around your mission

  • Ignite fearless inspiration for going after the things you truly want

  • Find alignment with your passion and profession 

  • Expand into your most impactful, powerful, empowered creation self

  • Embody your highest SELF in all areas of your life 

    Master FEAR and RESISTANCE in making them your best friends


  • The Dance 


  • Integration is where the magic lies

  • Gain encouragement, support, and accountability for living your dreams with a community of women living the same intention



All areas of your life align when you follow your intuition & start walking down the path to your destiny. For those of you who are bold and ready to take the leap, know you are ready for a life change, click here to claim your spot. 


Hello Goddesses. VISIONARIES. CREATORS. LIGHTWORKERS. Conscious Creatives. GROWTH SEEKERS. Leaders.


I'm Chelsae.

I am an empowerment coach, community builder, & business mentor who helps connect leaders to their intuition, power, and purpose. I coach both men and women through a process of rewilding— the untethering, unrestricting, untaming of the soul.


I host events around the world connecting people to their divinely intuitive system of navigation. When passion-filled purpose-driven community comes together, energy skyrockets, flow states deepen, souls ignite, & self expression becomes unapologetically authentic. This is where infinite possibility exists. 

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