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5 Signs That You're Going Through an Initiation

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

I don’t know about you, but for me when I think of 2021, I think of it as the year of an initiation.

2020 was the year that everything crumbled down and the Phoenix rose from the ashes. It was somehow one of the best year’s of my life as I learned to make friends with the Phoenix.

As foundations started to build over the ash and a clearing began, I stepped into my power in a way I never have before. 2020 was the year I truly started to see the systems of world for what it we have created them to be. And I made a conscious choice to exit and find something that worked better for me.

As the foundations became stronger, “truth” became my favorite topic. It rose to the surface as something I was craving more than anything. What was truly happening under the covers, in both the systems of the world and the systems within me? I started standing in my truth so powerfully, that I raised into a new vibrational frequency and learned my full body YES and my full body NO; it changed the game completely. My self worth shifted, my personal wealth shifted, my environment shifted, and my choices shifted.

2021 was an initiation into the Empress Codes. It was a year of up-leveling in so many ways; the way I managed teams, the way I chose abundance, the way I committed to my passions, the way I structured my life for service, the way I communicated and handled my emotions, the way I led. It was a year of Ceremony leading up to this final ceremony of 2021 -- the initiation. The lunar eclipse was the gateway for me to finally observe what was happening and put words to the experience. In 2 days we will be reaching the solar eclipse, giving a full Sun spotlight on the lessons and learnings. The masculine energy, sun ra, anchoring in the codes of the initiation.

I am ending this year, bringing these codes into a facilitated ceremony for my tribe at our Wild Heart retreat, anchoring the year with a closing chapter. I am opening the temple doors for 2 more women who feel called to join us December 16th in Tulum Mexico. This is an opportunity to say a full body yes to yourself and set yourself up for the best 2022 you could possibly imagine.

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