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A Fairytale of Remembrance

Once upon a time in a beach town far far away

Lived a family of treehouses and clues to the mysteries of the universe.

Two sister looking goddesses left their homes in the most dangerous of times to embark on an adventure of miracles. Little did they know that they were being guided to the most coveted of mysteries in all of creation.

The goddesses moved into a Little Mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ Treehouse and went deep into the womb of Grandmother Earth. They experienced most potent of spiritual awakenings with a safe space to heal the deepest of wounds in the lightest of ways.

They each experienced the exact intentions of their hearts desires and slowly gained a deeper understanding of what it truly meant to trust in the divine orchestration of this universal mystery of life.

On the fifth day, the goddesses were invited to move into the Marco Polo treehouse, the grand palace of the divine masculine. With a map on the wall and a compass for expressing of the deepest truths of life, they connected the dots that had been leaving clues of discovery for generations.

On the seventh day, the goddesses gained a third musketeer. Together they migrated into the captains corner, a treehouse built for 3 kings. They were each coronated in A queendom ceremony and rose 🌹 to the real👁zation of their remembrance of why they were incarnated here.

On the eight night, the Full Moon 🌕 rose above the horizon as the turtles were released into the ocean and a shaman led the women through a ceremony of fire purification & water rebirthing. They learned to open their hearts bigger, their eyes wider, and their ears higher.

As the story goes, they each stepped into a light of their own and learned the most simple secrets of life. The key was always about coming home to the inner child. And seeing the playground of life as an infinite sandbox of creation.

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