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A fiercely feminine force

A fiercely feminine force of nature who unapologetically expresses her truth with raw authenticity.

Most men fear her. Even women fear her. They fear her chaos. They fear her mystery. They fear her power. They know deep down that they hold parts of her within.

But how can you trust something that changes so often? How can you surrender into something so unknown? Why would you even allow such deep emotions in? How would you get anything done??

Her power lives in her range. It lives in the pulse of the moment. It lives in her vulnerability. Her superpower is the thing we all fear. And it is what gives rise her greatest becoming.

Her leadership lives in her refined sense of both her feminine AND her masculine. Her inner masculine doesn’t fear her inner feminine. He listens to her. He hold space for her. She leads, she visions, she directs. And he creates. He takes action.

Embodied Leadership is the most powerful shift coming with the New Earth. Feminine Leadership is rising. Feminine power is rising. And my flagship course, The Embodied Leadership Academy is the culmination of 4 years of diving into HER.

Consider me as your Wild Woman guide for the next 8 weeks as we embark on a journey into Wild Embodied Leadership. This is a rewilding container for the woman operating in her masculine energy, ready to fully embrace and embody her feminine.

Applications open tonight at midnight and close 12p ET on September 21

You will be joining us? This is your invitation to let your vision for your life light up the entire planet. This is your time to ignite.

*A special shout out to the 40 beautiful women who have helped craft this creation.



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