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Another Chronological Advancement. The Year I Did Everything I Ever Dream Of.

Dear Reality,

My 26th year was incredible!!!! I can’t believe what I did this birth year.

I quit my job at IBM right around my birthday last year! I joined a Mastermind that changed my life. I bought a car in CASH (using said salary). I attended Mindvalley University which inspired me to start coaching & start a nomadic life! I met some of my best friends abroad. I moved houses, twice in Atlanta, and about 20 times abroad. I took a coaching course! I started my own coaching business! I went to Burning Man! I moved to Barcelona! I started my own mastermind. I planned a retreat in Bali. I went to Afest. I fell in love. I had a tantric relationship. I flooded bathrooms, danced naked in a house of 15 people, I had a 4 some, a 3 some, a 2 some, a 1 some. Had to try it all. I ran my first retreat in Bali, motorcycled around Bali, flew off a scooter into the rice paddies, opened a coliving space, got deeper into myself and my own consciousness than ever, entered an open relationship, expanded into totally new realms of living, I moved back to the states, consciously uncoupled, coached for the philanthropy event I helped organize- Brawl for a Cause, life coached 50 people, created, marketed, and ran my first coaching program, started an ecstatic dance called Dance Temple, collaborated with amazing souls and here I am.

Wow. What a year. Like how is this possible?!! I did everything I wanted to do at 26. I nomadically traveled the world as a coach, fell in love, turned my passion into a profession, went to burning man. I don’t know how it all happened. I wrote it down My top 10 goals. And here they were.

So this is all of what I did. But what about who I became? We get so caught up in doing that we forget about being.

Well, this year was emotionally hard. I was living in fear constantly, making courageous unknown decisions, I left a 6 figure job, I moved to several other countries where I went in knowing no one. I lived above loud bars, on couches, I shared a home with 15 people with no privacy. I dove deeper into my traumas this year that I ever have. I was triggered in my relationship more than ever. But you know what? I learned to trust myself. I learned that I am strong. I learned that I am capable of being so great. I learned that my intuition is capable of guiding me just as beautifully as my mind can. I learned to seriously coach others by going deep into myself. I erased my entire belief system, had an identity crisis, and came out with an open mind to infinite earth possibilities. I redefined what success and happiness meant to me. I stepped into my true power and strength. It was most probably the most transformational year I have ever had that required the most risk I could've ever taken. And here I am. Staring out my Atlanta window. About to do it all again. Moving out of my house in a couple weeks to go to Mindvalley. Let's see what 27 brings!

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