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{Art is the Heart of our World}

ART. This is the key to the madness of the human experience. It is more than just a creative channel. This is the HEART of life. The heartbeat that emotionally connects us to each other and ourselves.

I learn from both the darkness and the light equally and my creative process stems from channeling my emotions into art. Social media is a medium for self expression. For me, this is a form of art. And for the last couple weeks, I have been immersed in the depths of my soul flooded with so many deep emotions, yet I also felt creatively blocked in my expression.

This weekend I hit an upper limit or a higher octave in this case. The inner chaos built until it flooded into a stream of consciousness onto my paper until the sun rose. The next day I felt inspired to sing and 4 hours later, I found myself belting at the top of my lungs and connecting to my voice in a way that I never have before. I let my voice unleash completely. It was a full power activation that left my body vibrating to the point where I had energy shooting out of my finger tips, tears streaming down my face, and fire burning in my heart as I reconnected to my purpose in this world. It was WILD.

I have to be honest, this breakthrough was intense AF. But I am grateful for its intensity. I have never had so many realizations pour in. I have never felt so connected to art and creative expression. My emotions created this massive channel for breakthrough. We as humans have so much to express and when we actually let ourselves go there, the amount of energy that can be generated from our emotions is unstoppable.

It’s easy to get caught in a bubble, to lose connection to art, to forget the why behind the what, to disconnect from our emotions completely out of ease. But don’t let yourself fall into the trap of lifeless expression. There is no better feeling in the world than getting lost in a transmission of emotional depth into a creative masterpiece. Whether its dancing, writing, singing, painting, writing songs, let yourself go all in. Get carried away by the madness. And reconnect to the heart of humanity. This is where infinite passion lies.



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