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Burning Man Decompression & Integration

4 days before burning man, I arrived in California for a Neuro-Linguistic Programming training to deepen my coaching practice. It was the best training I’ve ever taken by far. That same day, someone offered me a ticket to burning man and I took it as a sign. Getting a ticket to burning man is challenging and it was sitting right in my inbox. I had 4 days to prepare whereas most people take 4 months & I trusted that things would come together as they should. I decided to go rogue as it was too late to associate with a camp. I found a ride, I bought some food and water, bought a dust mask and off I went.

As I arrived on the playa, I found a woman with an extra bike (as it’s essential to traveling through Burning Man’s 7sqmi playa) a pair of suitable shoes, a place to host my belongings, and the exact items I needed for survival for the week. Food popped up at the exact moment I desired and I received everything I needed when I needed it. It was unreal but also so perfectly real at the same time. As I went through my journey a few themes popped up. They say the Playa gives you everything you need, even if you don’t want it. That includes challenges. It’s basically life amplified. Everyday feels like a week of stimulation. Time, space, & resources don’t exist in the same way. Here are the 10 things that I learned this year at Metamorphosis, Burning Man 2019.

1. Love is the foundation to our existence. It’s Infinite and abundant, bringing us into totality and unity in ourselves. Given that, I learned that I prefer monogamy over open relating long term & what I actually want is free open communication over an open relationship. 2. I prefer to teach through crafting & facilitating experiences than through words from a stage. I want people to feel my message and not just hear it. 3. I saw a future vision of myself so clearly though clearing out the bull shit of the world and crafting my own reality tuning into what is. 4. I learned the magic of instant manifestation and what it meant to “be in the flow” completely through trusting in the unknown. 5. I discovered the effects of under communication and the consequences of not speaking up out of fear of a negative reaction. 6. I discovered that my power dynamic & leadership energy is based on taking inspired action and the shadow of that energy results in spiritual bypassing & lacking integrity with time. 7. I gained an entirely new level of standard around what a quality workshop looks like in the consciousness industry 8. I learned how we can use nature to learn to be impossible 9. I learned that I can go deeper with myself when I am by myself & that’s equally as important as being of service to others and helping them along their mission in this lifetime. 10. I learned that my body can tell me my preferences in the same way that my mind can. It can tell me what I like & what I don't. It can help me make decisions from a new and different place. A place that our western society has yet to tap into.


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