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3 years ago I wouldn’t have described myself as a dancing wild woman. I was more a pant suit workout queen. In 8th grade, the guy i was crushing on asked me why I was so serious all the time. I vowed to bring fun into my life that day. And overtime I found dance as a main source of fun.

I remember my grandpa would always repeat the phrase “you need to W O R K so you can P L A Y”. But what if it was the other way around? What if creating more joy and play in the everyday of life raised your vibration so much that work just flowed?

Have you ever felt shittier after dancing? No! You feel more alive and free. We have tricked ourselves into thinking that play or dance is a distraction from work. What if that mini dance party to the fridge was actually our most important work? What if it had the power to restore and realign us back to life and clear out that mental clutter? Dance is the most powerful way we can heal the world. It’s part of my purpose in this lifetime to bring dance to people to free their minds and break through mental boxes. It’s a pathway to the W I L D, where life free flows into infinite P L A Y and purpose.

Spend your Friday dancing to the fridge, brushing your teeth, taking phone calls, spinning on a chair in your cubicle. Spice it up and watch your vibration skyrocket your dreams to life. 🪄🕊🌹



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