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Embodied Leadership

You just feel it. You feel unapologetic expression radiating from her aura.

What is it?

She knows her worth and she is sovereign AF.

🌹She speaks her truth regardless of what others think

🌹She tuned into her body & marches to the beat of her own drum

🌹She expresses her needs & honors her boundaries, creating space for clarity and purpose

🌹She equally balances responsibility and inner freedom

🌹She acts on her intuition verses moving for people’s approval

🌹She stands in her power without fearing the spotlight

🌹And if you REALLY knew her, you would see that she experiences life as a ceremony and her leadership is no different.

She doesn’t fear difficult conversations. When a trigger arises, she leans in verses leaning out. She takes responsibility for what is hers and holds space for the breakthrough of another.

And that’s what makes people trust her. That’s what makes her a leader, not a manager. That’s what makes her powerful. She doesn’t need anything outside of herself and she fully owns her lane.

We all have her inside. And this is a journey of refining her into effortless flow, where her energy is constantly expanding and attracting life to her.

Ready to activate her? Download my Embodied Leadership PDF for more

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