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Finding Your Soul Fam

For a long time I truly wanted to be surrounded by a group of women who liked astrology, dancing, yoga, personal growth, spirituality and all of the woo woo things that I loved.

I started off wanting to be around people who cared about personal growth but I slowly realized that what I was craving was deeper than that. It was a lifestyle.

I flew to the ends of the Earth to find people like me. And I truly found them. I met people from all over the world on similar paths that expanded my mind and spirit in the best of ways. When it came time to move back to America, I knew I would have to create community from scratch in order to have that same vibe again. I spent a year building up Ecstatic Dance Temple with @megganellman and met some of the coolest people around Atlanta. When Covid hit, it created the space to merge communities together from all over the world into one place and CAREona Fest was birthed. It was truly a special time in history in that regard.

BC (before Covid), I somehow thought it was only possible to create community in person, but after this experience, I now feel intimately connected globally more than ever.

If there is someone out there right now feeling like they haven’t found their soul fam and Covid hasn’t been their catalyst, know that your wish is being heard and your soul fam is on its way, but you must also take action.

If what you’re looking for is a tribe of sisters who love astrology, personal growth, yoga/dancing/singing, rituals & ceremonies, consider attending an in person retreat and step into the vibration of what you are looking to attract. Retreats are incredible ways to bond groups of women together for life. Make a personal investment in yourself and set the intention to find your soul fam. This was where I started and it was life changing for me. I met some of my best friends this way.

Visit the Wildly Woven link in my bio for details or send me a DM and let’s chat.


🌹Your Wildly Woven Team

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