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Is Your Mind a Friend or a Frenemy? How Deeply Do You Trust Her?

⁣I dive into the feminine and masculine duality a lot. I am still on my own path in this realm. I have experienced more oneness than ever, but there is still a separation between the two in my current existence. ⁣

I trust my mind. I have developed a friendship with my mind, this separate entity, as Eckart Tolle refers. I have spent my entire life building it up, creating a healthy body, being as human as possible. I know my mind, how it works, the tricks it plays. We are friends. My mind is my best friend. She build me up and gives me confidence when I need it. She tells me the truth when my clothes don't match, she laughs when I fall and is the first to pick me back up. I give her compassion and she does the same with me. Much of my relationship with her is around the external world. She can communicate the things she notices related to my ego, my environment, and my physical body. But does she know my soul? Maybe intellectually. But does she feel my soul? ⁣

In paying so much attention to her, I failed to give my intuition the same attention. I failed to build up trust with my soul, my true self. Of course I love and trust her, but she is frightening. She is deep. She feels strongly. Her emotions run wild. She acts illogically. She doesn't understand the concept of money like my mind does. She has lived many lives. She doesn't care about the external. She came here to create, learn and evolve. ⁣

These two can be on the same team. Can have the same mission. Can create, learn, and evolve together. It takes deep trust. Diving into the unknown when it doesn't make sense. Doing things that the mind doesn't label as safe. My ego wants to keep me here as long as possible. My soul wants to express what it came here to.



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