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Leadership Archetypes

Whether you resonate with these archetypes or feel disconnected from them, it's important to understand the full spectrum of leadership. We have aspects of ALL of these within us. Certain leadership types may challenge us in ways, while others inspire us! This is how we GROW.

The Vulnerable Leader

This is the archetype of innocence, playfulness, and creativity. Vulnerability is the main ingredient for connection so these leaders are likely to connect with people easily and establish a bond. This leadership style is all about collaboration, and it reminds us that nothing is ever achieved alone. You may have the Vulnerable leadership style if you value transparent honesty, the creative process over the end result, and haven’t lost the ability to bring play into your work.

The light: naturally create light-hearted fun environments

The shadow: the need to be saved or easily stressed by environments that aren't fun

These types are connected to their inner child and their vulnerable heart. They are great at creating safe spaces for others and should seek to surround themselves with wise leaders and nurturing leaders.

The Nurturing Leader

The Nurturing Leader is that instinctual urge within to create new life and nurture something to grow over a long period of time. This is often expressed through child rearing, but can also be satisfied with fostering the growth of communities or projects. In general, this is the strongest and most prevalent type in women. The gift of this leadership type is the natural ability to care for and protect people and projects. This is a vital quality in leadership so that whatever you are collectively working on sustains itself.

The light: the ability to maintain and nurture people and projects to the end

The shadow: the natural sacrifice that happens when your needs are placed on the back burner, when you suppress your own desires for someone else's

These types need to surround themselves with the warrior type and practice staying true to their needs without sacrifice. This type is the best with long term projects and growing from the ground up.

The Warrior

The Warrior is this primal energy inside that craves freedom and carving your own path. It can also trigger fear, for it is the most repressed feminine leadership archetype. The Warrior is bold, confident, and knows his or her boundaries. Your gift is Courage and you have the persistence to continue in moving the face of adversity. You are committed to your cause, believing that you can accomplish what you set out to do. You will know if this is your leadership style if you value being a trailblazer, working on larger scale projects at bigger stages, and aren’t afraid of the push-back you get from being outspoken.

The light: the fire that listens to her intuition above the voices of others and march to the beat of their own drum. They are the most likely to carve a new path and do something unusual. Their gift is innovation.

The shadow: Lack of commitment long term, rebellion, communication flare ups

This archetype is the best with bringing new projects to life. They should surround themselves with nurturing leaders and creatrix types to amplify their gifts and bring projects to the finish line.

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