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When you finally care… when your belief is so strong there is no plan b… when you truly decide to go all in… that is when the universe will respond with an overwhelming YES I see you.

When every invitation, every interaction, every creation is infused with a lovingly intentional prayer. When love is the foundation of your actions. When your clarity is so certain that your vibration becomes a match to the exact thing you most desire.

This is the energy of manifestation. I feel the difference in my body. It’s the difference between wanting something and already having it. We say it all the time, and we preach “becoming it” before having it. And for me, it’s much easier said than done. We can pretend to have it. But what does it mean to actually have it? It’s easy to skip the steps to getting to the place where we actually feel it.

Feeling it means embodying it. And it’s a process we can’t rush. Nor should we rush it. Becoming the person we are meant to be and having the life we are meant to have at the highest vibration is available to all of us. Yet our state of being has to go through a series of tests and stages before we finally believe and accept that we are deserving of that reality. It certainly could happen overnight, but I’ve never seen anyone embody and integrate this feeling overnight. The human experience is way too beautiful for that. The trials and tests bring us to our deepest longing in the most perfect of ways, with deep shadow work, intense emotional transmutation, pattern reframing, and challenge. It’s the journey of making friends with our ego.

I am stepping into the vibration of making everything an act of sacred prayer. Every message sent, every invitation… given with love and open space for cocreation.

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