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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Do You Unconditionally Love Me?

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

He walked into my house and I freaked out. I was so hurt. I blew up. I cried. I felt that he was lying to me. I felt that he was in denial. I felt that it was too easy to slip back into his pattern. 1 cigarette leading to no motivation, leading to staying up late and being out of touch with himself, running from emotion. It was clear to me that he wasn’t taking it seriously. I told him I couldn’t be with him. I couldn’t be with someone like that long term. It wasn’t what I wanted. I then took a minute and recouped my energy. I came back to hear him out. He started making excuses and I blew up again.

A few minutes later we late in silence. We were sitting across from each other cross legged. He looked me in the eyes and all the sudden I felt his body leave the physical form. My heart softened and I started crying immediately as I felt what had just happened. I apologized. He responded with "you were forgiven before you responded. It’s okay. I love you." I froze and looked up. I was looking straight into the eyes of Jesus Christ. I felt every emotion. I felt oneness. I was looking into the eyes of Jesus. And I has been treating him with total judgement and lack of respect as a human. I wasn’t showing any compassion. I was worried about me and my future relationship verses helping him. I wasn’t coming from a place of love. I was reacting out of fear. I immediately shifted as I stared into the eyes of the divine. I was suddenly looking at him with unconditional love. I couldn't help it. I looked into his eyes with total lack of judgement. I responded how I would if i were talking straight to Jesus. I no longer judged him. I only wanted what was best for him. I felt as if I were looking into a mirror. How would I respond if I were Jesus? What would I do? That was the ultimate test. I was looking into a mirror. The "What Would Jesus Do" quote came up and had a totally different meaning. For me, it is so much deeper than that. It is more, what would you do if you WERE Jesus and if you were talking TO Jesus? That is way more powerful. I switched my mentality to come from a pure place of love. It was like a light bulb went off. I was in total surrender. I felt total unconditional love for this man in front of me. It was like there was no question in my mind. I unconditionally loved him. No matter what he did or who he was. I loved him without expectation. Without judgement. I just showed up in love. I didn’t care about the expectation around where we were going or what it meant. It was about the present moment. It didn't matter what happened tomorrow. It was about being there with him in the now, being there for him, and growing deeply as people.

I learned how to love unconditionally in that moment. Through a mirror. I was looking straight into the eyes of one of the most compassionate people to walk the planet. I have never experienced something so emotionally deep. Unconditional love was no longer an intellectual concept. This had nothing to do with romance. I was simply looking at a human being in the eyes, seeing his pain, seeing the hardest version of himself, and loving him anyways. Loving his soul. As if Jesus Christ was standing in front of me. Relationships are really the best mirrors.

And PS, he felt his body leave the physical form into a dream state. Both of us have open minded views of the realities of this universe, moreso believing Jesus walked the Earth at some point as you and I would.



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