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Wow. A day without social media.

Magic. And also somewhat scary.

All of my writings and photos are stored here. It has become my online home in a way. My place for self expression.

But it sure made me realize how dependent I am on it and how much sovereignty and inner power I give away keeping it here.

I truly feel called to write a book and I keep getting these “not ready” thoughts but it’s more of an excuse because I have this magical crutch of social media to house my thoughts.

What a profound day. I spent a full day with myself doing things I truly loved and had massive downloads about the earth and where we are headed.

Most people on this planet are not happy. Even the people with a consistent income, that take vacations, are married with children, living the “dream.”

It feels like most of us that are listening, are receiving the same message around the world without even talking. A new earth is being created. We are shifting from this masculine driven world that values getting to the top at any cost to a more feminine world that honors intuitive action and collaborative creation.

My inner masculine gave me to ability to run 3 businesses with over 100 contractors before the age of 21. But at the same time, my inner masculine totally overpowered my inner feminine and didn’t listen to her speak or acknowledge her presence one bit until I was 25 when I started my spiritual awakening. So much so, that I totally lost all connection to my inner desires. I lost the essence of myself. I would workout every morning at 7am pushing harder through limitation without any acknowledgment to my emotions. I was a master at earning the right to feel good verses feeling good to feel good.

And that brings me here. To the place of shifting my entire life and reprogramming my entire operating system to align with the feminine. To feeling good and attracting energy towards me. Feeling good to receive. And from that place truly creating an impact fully aligned with my heart.

What iOS download did you receive today?

And how would you shift your life knowing this platform would never exist again?

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