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New Earth Leadership

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

New Earth Leadership is about being as authentically human as possible.

It’s about showing up as raw and real we have the capacity for. There is a shift happening in the world right now, calling for a rebirth in the way we view leadership. This movement is for everyone, including you. It’s for the artists, the crypto nerds, the entrepreneurs, the never-left-the-country homebodies, the nomads, the ex and current corporates. This is about reclaiming Embodied Leadership back into our lives across the globe. It’s about leading from a field of potentiality. From intuition, from flow, from collaboration. No matter who you are or where you live.

So what is this new form of leadership?

First of all, let me start by saying, everyone is a leader.

You don't need to do anything specific. You are leading your own life right now. And you get to choose what role you take in that leadership.

Good leadership starts with transparency.

Whatever you say behind closed doors should also be able to be said to an audience. Your rawness acknowledges your humanness. It's relatable. One moment of vulnerability creates another emotional bond with someone who resonates with your story with open arms.

Good leadership means embodying sovereignty, which basically means “the ability to self govern,” and take full responsibility for yourself. This includes taking responsibility for your emotions, your circumstances, your thoughts, your actions, and even your reactions. It also means owning when you change your mind because there is no rule saying you have to believe the same thing forever. Sovereignty is about owning what is real in the now. Imagine a world of sovereign beings totally owning their shift. What a world that would be.

When it comes to good leadership, transparency and sovereignty take the cake. It does not mean being super perfect with no flaws. It does mean being radically authentic and taking full responsibility for what is. No matter what. Even if it hurts. When we honor our truth, share it, and take responsibility for ourselves and only ourselves, we find our truest form of empowerment. And that takes ultimate humility.

This is the heart of Embodied Leadership.

Let me share a personal story of why I am so devoted to leadership and why you also might be attracted to this work.

When I first started down this personal growth path, I didn’t really know where it was taking me.

I just knew I needed to lean in.

And I also knew it was more important than anything in this world.

It was worth risking it all for.

So I dove in and naturally let go of a lot of people and things in the process.

I was kind of going along and learning like a child.

I would get stung by a bee and feel the pain and hold my thumb until the pain softened.

I learned what to look out for.

What I could touch and where I needed to go slowly.

I found tools to guide my process.

The bee hives give the divine nectar of life, yet jump on the hive and your body is covered in stings.

As I went deeper and deeper along, I started seeing themes emerge.

Some things were easy.

Others brought out the storm and required not only focus, but intense learning and teaching.

I saw where the chaos emerged in my relationships.

I would go through these insane ups and downs and have to take days to process.

But slowly over time, the trigger and response times shortened.

I learned to create parameters around this great experiment of life.

I learned tools to help calm the storm, express the wildness, and integrate back to center.

I learned to breathe, respond with love to another, own my triggers as my own, and choose when to teach and when to allow. This is my biggest growth path in this lifetime.

And I got clearer on what it meant for Chelsae to grow in this lifetime.

What she needed to deepen both her personal responsibility as God in this world and her loving surrender into this cosmic humble game of life.

It’s hard as hell uncovering this roadmap to growth.

The pathway is a choice yet the checkpoints are essential.

And we all have different ones.

Yet it is something only “we” can discover, as “we” understand what is best for us more than anyone else.

For me, this was the path of personal leadership and personal power. This brought me to my roadmap. And this is what I love teaching.

Are you in the thick of it?

Figuring it out from the beginning?

Dive in and get lost and soon you will find your way.

Get help, discover tools, and keep going.

You aren’t in this alone. 👑

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