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The Power of the Feminine. Not the Traditional Feminist.

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

I had just finished a 10 week coaching program on embracing my feminine energy. I spent the majority of my life surrounded by men, but I enjoyed it. I liked the competition and the adventure and the fast paced vibes. I didn't realize how badly I needed to get back in touch the the feminine side of myself. So I found the perfect avenue to be fully feminine and I went for it.

Masculine versus Feminine

Throughout most of my childhood, I was a gymnast and a dancer. I was an artist and a visionary. I created all of the neighborhood games from ideas in my head and dreamt up fun activities for entertainment. But when I reached middle school, it was no longer acceptable to be so creative. I needed to learn to use the left side of my brain. I naturally felt like I had to compete with the boys. I was a gymnast and loved beating every guy in gym class at the annual push up contest. This bled into my older years where I would compete at school and then in my job. And suddenly I was in a total masculine form, working in a corporate job, using only my left brain all day long. I was using primarily the logical side of my brain and I totally lost sense of my intuition and creativity.

The Experiment

When I had the opportunity to attend MindValley University I thought it would be the perfect place to experiment being completely in the feminine. The first day I arrived I set my intention and proceeded to logically ask every women what her definition of feminine was. I compiled answers from dozens of women with answers ranging from creative to powerful to sexy to going with the flow. And then suddenly heard an answer that made me throw out my list of feminine qualities and instead get into the energy through action and body movement. She took my hands and we started dancing and feeling the ground under our feet, breathing through our mouth, and moving with the music however the music told us to go. Her energy encapsulated me instantly. Growing up dancing, this was the most natural way to regain my feminine energy. I was living it, not talking about it. The experiment continued throughout the entire week but after day one, it wasn't an experiment anymore. It was an experience. It was me listening completely to my intuition, pushing aside logic and experiencing the beauty of what it meant to be 100% feminine. It was beautifully creative to the point of destructive, it was high maintenance, powerful, free, flowing, intuitive, and natural. I understand why people say women rule the world. I finally understand the power the energy carried. I felt so alive, so free, so confident. I have never had so many women going out of their way to befriend me and so many men attracted to the energy. I was more open to letting people flow into my life. I was completely present. And it felt so natural. Feminine energy is most certainly powerful. I have missed that energy for so long.

The Conclusion

I had it inside the entire time, but society teaches us that masculine energy is the way to success. I say, everyone needs a balance of both, but feminine energy is the one power men cannot seem to overcome. So why do women try so hard to be like men? It shouldn't be about competing with men for higher pay or better jobs by being more like them. It should be about women being who they truly are and using their feminine powers for big picture thinking and creativity. Men are great with logic, one dimensional thought. They get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Women have great intuition. They see things on a larger scale and flow from point A to point B taking the route that feels right. If humans are flawed and humans base logic on other human knowledge, maybe intuition is the answer. Maybe in order to come up with massive life revelations, you need less logic and more intuition to get there. Women, don't try to be like men. Work on strengthening your strengths and change the world with your God given energy.


Tribe 29

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