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Our generation of millennials is unique AF.

Our generation of millennials is unique AF.

Some call us entitled, unmanageable, instant gratification junkies, “special” snowflakes selfishly resulting from divorced parents.

I say, we are social impact entrepreneurial world changers who give a shit about keeping our planet alive, having more empathy than any other generation to date.

We are the generation that grew up with access to information at our fingertips and a refined bull shit meter, strong enough to withstand marketing tricks of the internet age and a knack for sassy comebacks.

Generations before us, wonder why we speak up so

much, why we continue demanding higher standards for basic human rights, what it means to be nomad, how we are so adventurous. We weren’t born here during this time period to remain silent or work in silos. This is the gift of Aquarius. We were chosen for this moment in time to collective make a change for the world.

Most millennials came here with this innate sense that they were here to do something really big. We aren't here to work ourselves to death and divorce. We are here to make an impact. And chances are, we aren’t just texting on our phones and tuning out the world. We are creating businesses, talking to clients, creating content, getting inspired by art and endless TikTok masterpieces.

When I have kids, I want them to know I gave it my all to make a dent in the world and contributed to the rise of this New Earth. We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.

The New Earth involves an evolution of both masculine and feminine energies and the harmony between the two is our

greatest unification in this time in history. What does it mean to operate in our healthy feminine and masculine? Read above as a start place and click the link in my bio for a deep dive.

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