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Our Relationships and Triggers Are Our Best Teachers

There was a period of time last year where I would wake up to a house full of people and 15 hugs. I gained so much fulfillment from this past year and so much realization about relationships. When I came back to ATL I started an ecstatic dance to attract this type of community back into my life. I realized I feared not having strong loving community. That lack stemmed from a lack within myself & a pull for more independence and self love. Dancing ironically gave me the self love I was craving from others. I was giving love to myself through movement.  ⁣

Fear tends to rule many of our relationships. Our relationships reflect our longings. Our yearnings. Our incompleteness. We try to fulfill ourselves through other people in hopes that they will give us what we don't have. But when we rely on others, we become codependent instead of empowered. ⁣

People can absolutely expand us into new realms, but when we rely on others to change us verses allowing that person to simply serve as an expander or a trigger, we miss the opportunity for growth. ⁣

Every person in your life is in your life for a reason. An energy brought you together based on the energy you were transmitting. Your focus on the lack, your focus on the need, your focus on the alignment. Every trigger you have can serve as a tool for self understanding. Every time you feel emotionally overtaken, you have the opportunity to dive into why. Our relationships can be the best teachers when we approach them from a place of curiosity over judgement. When we are open to life's teachings. We ultimately attract what is needed for us. No matter where we are in our lives, the best place or the worst, we have the opportunity to grow through our mirrors. ⁣


We are so quick to find a soulmate before knowing our own souls. Give yourself permission to explore yourself. Your soul deserves your attention. ⁣

Sending love & joy <3 ⁣



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