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Our Rewild Birth Story

I tasted the purest essence of life today. This is the most connected to the universe that I have ever felt before. No words could ever do this justice. But it’s worth every shot in the world to try. Because today, I reached a place that I spend much of my life seeking. And I want to remember it forever. 

The universe has such impeccable timing. I sit here writing in the last page of the journal Meggan bought me. And I am completely awe struck. The divine orchestration of life is getting more obvious the more I notice her. To the point where I cannot possible put it into words. The only thing I can truly say is that I am grateful. 

I have never felt so drawn into life’s existence. I have never touched so closely the oneness of life. I healed one of my deepest traumas. And life showed me that it was possible to explore my shadows with love and light. I laughed. I cried. I went ALL the way in. I met my shadows head on. I met my deepest traumas. And… I was okay. It was actually beautiful. It was the most connected I have ever felt to spirit. I felt the purest essence of life. I felt complete consciousness. I felt like the sun in every way. I felt like what it felt like to truly be the sun. Shining down so brightly, giving life to others by being myself, without trying. Without needing to effort. Without feeling the need to cover in a cloud. It was a complete rebirth into this world. My soul became the Sol. And I was reborn as the Sun. Chelsae Sun. And I was sitting next to my Meggan Moon. And in that moment, we started balling, realizing that the sun and the moon had truly come together for the first time ever. 

I have full body chills closing out the last page of this journal. This has been a year and a half cycle. And not only was I reborn, but together, we birthed our greatest contribution to the world.


This has been in the making for a year and a half. It was probably happening before it was even a thought in our minds. This wasn’t human created. There is absolutely NO way. This is spirit’s handprint in every way. A year and a half ago, I flew back from Bali with a massive fire to bring a vision to life. There was only 1 person in Atlanta that I knew who had gone on a Bali sabbatical and I had no idea if she would be up for this, but it was worth a shot. We met once at a launch party and little did I know, that spirit had planted a seed.

Within a month of my proposition, a balloon fell down from the sky on the launch of our Dance Temple creation that read, “it’s a girl.” Nine months later, we held our first Rewild event. I literally cannot make this up. At the time we had no idea what we were creating, but we knew we were drawn together for something significant. 

Two “sister looking people” came together and learned what it truly meant to become sisters. We learned what it TRULY meant to have sisterhood. And we learned how to love through soul bloodlines. Both of our fathers are Capricorns and our mothers Cancers. We were bred like sisters. Talked like sisters. Yet no one truly knows the internal demons we were slaying this entire time. This was one of the most challenging things we have ever done, partly because we weren’t just brought together for this single project. We were brought together for a planetary healing of the masculine feminine in every way possible. This required us to dive into our deepest shadows. And a lot of times we wanted to give up. But this mission was bigger than most of us. We had no idea at the time what was happening, but we knew it was happening for a reason.


I operate under the belief system that “Sharing the Shadow” is an important part of the healing process. As soon as I can share something publicly, I know I have healed quite a bit. This story is filled with so many shadows. And I carry a certain level of shame at points. But one thing I’ve come to realize is that humans experience a lot of the same emotions stemming from similar scenarios painted on different backgrounds. One person’s healing can be another's breakthrough. So here we go. 

Throughout the past 1.5 years, I have been on a massive personal healing journey with my business partner. I was led to partner with a goddess who operated mostly in her feminine essence. And at the time, I was operating mostly in my masculine essence. For me, the more direct, efficient, cost effective, logical, streamlined the better. For her, the more exciting, creative, detailed, easy, intuitive the better. At the time we were embodying both the light and the shadows of the feminine masculine energies and we were brought in each others lives to balance our own internal energies.

The feminine ultimately wants to feel seen and heard. When she is empowered, she magnetizes what she needs towards her. She shares her needs. She moves in flow, responding to the world around her, acting on what feels aligned. If she doesn’t feel safe to express herself, she shuts down, feeling like the world is happening to her and she can’t do anything about it. She gets overwhelmed by her infinite creativity and shakti energy. 

The masculine ultimately wants to feel appreciated and recognized. When he is empowered, he takes action on the world around him and listens with presence. He is pure shiva consciousness, creating meaning on the world around him. In his shadow, he takes up space, overcompensating for his insecurities, doing instead of including. 

Regardless of gender, they both want to be seen and acknowledged in their respective ways. In their “not enoughness”, she craves validation for her essence and he craves validation for his actions. They both desire to come to the place where they are enough as they are without needing validation from anyone else. Trust is the foundation for reciprocation. Trust in the reciprocation of giving and receiving. Where love is purely a gift to be treasured, without expecting anything back in return but trusting in the bond that has been cultivated. 


And as the story goes, Meggan Moon and Chelsae Sun came together in sisterhood. In order to truly birth REWILD, we had to REWILD our truest nature. And we had to be rebirthed. We had to go into our deepest shadows and bring to light our greatest gifts for this planet. We had to do the work by going through, not around. We DANCED our way into ecstatic bliss and transmuting our fears. We learned to balance our internal masculine and feminine energies by learning to trust the light and the shadows of the other.

This is our greatest gift to the world. This is our truth. Our sat nam. What we experienced together, is what humanity experiences at its core. This happens in business partnerships, in marriages, and within ourselves. It feels like this entire experience was gifted to us, and now it is time we give it back to humanity. 

Our mission in the world is so much more potent than our event series. This is a shift in global consciousness that starts with the individual. There is such a deep wounded core part of our culture that has the opportunity to shine so brightly like the Sun. We were guided here by our Guide SaRa. Ra meaning Sun.

What does it mean to be wild?

Wild doesn’t mean crazy or untamed. Wild means natural. Wild means pure, instinctual, pure. Where the ego feels safe. Where we accept the moment for what it is and respond from intuition. Where we operate from a place of deep knowingness and wisdom.

How do we do that?

We start by getting out of FEAR and coming into TRUST. This is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. This is about uncovering the deepest parts of who we are and learning to love and accept them fully. And in doing so, we learn to trust and love ourselves.



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