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Overcoming Fear

Fear and empowerment are two sides of the same coin. They dance together. We increase our personal power when we step into courage. .

Courage is having fear and doing something anyways. We ALL experience fear. None of us are immune. The person standing on stage had the exact same fears as you do right now, but after 30 times of stepping into that same fear, the fear lessoned. She is now living in unconscious competency. In flow state. .

How do you strengthen your muscle of going after what you want regardless of fear? I used to say it was through overpowering the mind. And there is truth to stepping up to the challenge. But the amount of resistance that created felt out of flow. The question I ask myself is this. Will doing this expand me? Will I become a better person through having this experience? If the answer is yes, then my fear is irrational and it’s actually a sign from the universe to take a step. There are enough sensations running through my sympathetic nervous system to give me the energy to take action. .

Where are you letting fear stop you from living your dreams?



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