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Power and Victimhood: The Path to Freedom

I get fired up about FREEDOM.

🔥 Specifically, I get fired up about misuse of power and victimhood, which are pieces to the puzzle that hold us back from freedom. We think we are “fighting a war” on racism and patriarchy but really we are supporting a movement of Love over Fear. We are learning to overcome Fearing the Unknown. Fearing those that are different from the conditioned norm. .

In order to create MAJOR shifts in the world, we have to shift human consciousness and the way we operate. And it has to start with the individual. In order to break the cycle, we have to shift our EMOTIONAL maturity. In order to create REAL change in this world, we have to shift the way we OPERATE which will in turn reduce the need to rely on those in power who aren’t evolved. We are killing the Earth’s progress by operating in the opposite way. We our outsourcing our power. Our species will die unless we change. And I have more faith in humanity than that so I know we are more than capable of doing this. .

We have the chance to evolve in such a beautiful way. The Micro and the Macro scales of life mirror each other. We have the chance to expand beyond what we could ever imagine. But no other species wants to reach out to a planet that gets into war every hundred years. Who would want to talk to someone always in an argument. You hang out with people that are emotionally mature. In order to truly evolve, we have to start from within the human. It start with YOU. It start with US. It starts with WE. Let’s unite. ♾🔮



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