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Reprogramming Our Internal Supercomputers

If there is anything I learned during quarantine, it is this. We have the power to shift our reality by shifting our internal state.  

We all know that we can shift our external state, like our environment, and it can make the world of difference on our mental emotional health. But we vastly underestimate the connection between the mind and the body.

Our minds are like supercomputers. We feed it information and process that information in story format, confirming or denying our beliefs. Therefore, identity is a constantly shifting concept based on what we come into contact with.

Our identity gives us some form of safety in the world, and as it shifts, we shift our outlook on the world. For some this can be scary. That’s why spiritually awakening can feel a bit maddening. The shifts can be jolting. They can challenge everything we believe about ourselves to be true.

The person I was two years ago is very different from the person I am today. Both versions are beautiful in their own ways and have their place in my life story. Two years ago I felt uncomfortable dancing alone in public. I wasn’t fully embodied and I had no idea what that even meant and how it affected my sense of self confidence. I felt confident in what I was capable of doing in the world, but not necessarily confident with who I was.

When I discovered ecstatic dance, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I finally felt comfortable being free and authentically me. I energetically felt a shift in the way I carried myself. I felt free in my body and I was no longer dancing for others. I was dancing for myself. I was dancing to come home to myself and release. And it started carrying over to all parts of my life. I started developing a deeper level of soul intimacy and slowly started dropping the need to be anything for anyone else. It was WILD.

There are programs that you are currently walking around with that are creating limitation in your body. We all hold them. Your soul is asking to expand. Whether it is through ecstatic dance, breathwork, yoga, or something else, find ways to free yourself in the body. When you free your body, you free your mind.

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