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Rewilding Feminine Leadership

What does it feel like to be completely comfortable in your own skin? To know that your voice matters. To trust that your questions are valid. To feel that you are exactly where you are meant to be and aren’t behind.

What would it feel like to trust your inner guidance, even if it goes against the guidance of your family? To let go of the expectations that society or culture has over your decisions for your life. To lean into your heart’s desires and trust that your inner wisdom is the most important voice in this world for you.

What would it feel like to develop such an intimate trust with yourself that you could feel safe and empowered opening the door to your dreams, almost as if Narnia is waiting on the other side? Knowing that there is never a wrong decision and every choice is leading down this perfectly designed soul path towards your destiny.

How would it feel to listen to your body intimately enough to listen to it? To lean into nourishment and care over pushing deadlines towards the finish line. To be so open to receiving that your goals naturally magnetize towards you verses forcing expectations to manifest the way you feel they should.

There is a large percentage of the population living the life of their dreams in total flow, making empowering decisions, attracting synchronicities as a way of life. And there is a larger percentage of people living with forceful deadlines, pushing against the natural flow of the world, wishing they could live another life, hoping that one day they will be able to be free to do the things they love with enough effort. This is a choice. We choose the way we experience life. If you are lucky enough to have the awareness between the two, you are already on your way to a more fulfilling way of living.

This is the path of Embodied Leadership. This is the path of the “feminine” “yin”. And this is a reality we all can choose to experience.

Thank you @adrienneriveracoaching for having me speak at your Soulful Scaling Event!

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