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Saturn In Aquarius and Why You Are Here To Change The Structures of the World


Everyone Born between 1991 and 1993 has their Saturn in Aquarius. Around the age of 28-30 we enter a “test of maturity” called the Saturn Return. It is the season of life where Saturn moves into the sign it was at when you were born. .

Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 21 and it will stay for 2.5 years. .

Those born in this time frame feel like the “black sheep” often. They want to fit into the larger community but have the same urge to go rogue as an individual, making it hard to fit into one community. Because they are very aware of the conditioning of their childhood and the Path of Individuation, as Carl Jung puts it, they become so open minded that they have the tendency to lose themselves in ego dissolution. .

Things they may struggle with and then master: ✨Fitting into a community while maintaining individuality .

✨Moving the collective into revolution . .

✨ Leading effortlessly through chaos and being the stable eye of the hurricane by walking through the mess

✨Merging science and spirituality .

✨Emotional understanding and being in charge of their own feelings independently of another ✨Claiming their power and distinguishing between power and love .

On a societal level, this is Hallmarking a new system of innovation regarding social structures and thought paradigms. During this time, we dive into history to uphold ways of the past to create a new future from the bottom up verses the top down. Because Aquarius is so expansive, society progresses very quickly and we must form smaller communities in order to integrate the learnings. ,

For those entering this phase, CHOOSE yourself first and you will walk through the EYE of the storm greatly. Once you are able to walk alone, you will be able to lead communities. This will take TIME. Don’t lose yourself in a community completely and don’t avoid them completely. There are wolves and then there are sheep, but choose to be the lamb during this phase. You are on a path of finding your inner power. Don’t fight to prove your worth. This is not about the external world.  And remember, without discipline, there is no freedom.