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Scorpio season brought a trail of dragon fire

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Scorpio season brought a trail of dragon fire mixed with the most transformational redirection of focus, shooting me through quite the rebirth portal. Everything was burned away and cleared out or brought to the bottom of the ocean where the deepest secrets of life live to be reborn from the most intentional birth canal possible.

This full moon in Taurus is about bringing physical manifestations to life built from a solid foundation. Sometimes the only way to create a solid foundation is to clear away the things that are not solid or things that are half yesses. For me, this month has been about finding my full body yes and tearing away from the half yesses. And in doing so, Scorpio is given permission to fully activate power and run to the depths of the subconscious to transform from the inside out.

Everything came to a closure this month, including the house I was living in for months, a relationship that was blossoming, my group coaching program, the online festival, and a version of myself that had outgrown its shell. Endings are challenging for me. My inner Taurus moon spends so much time creating a perfect environment that when it shifts, I hold on tighter instead of allow the currents to bring me where I must go next. It was time to move into a goddess temple, it was time to step into a fully committed partnership, it was time to bring to life my dream collaborative coaching program, it was time to create a foundation of stability for the long haul. The short wins of life are important for a phase of life, but that phase is coming to an end. My Saturn Return is in full force asking me to say yes to deeper intimacy, stronger long term investments, and more full bodied choices. It’s asking me to lean into the person I was always meant to be in a much bolder way.

Saturn brings a certain maturity with it, including saying yes to only the things that are also in the same current, from relationships to the way that I express myself, to what I put in my body, to who I allow to dictate my decisions. My existence may go against your guidelines. Yet your rules go against my very existence. Let this just be the beginning.



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