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Shifting to a New Timeline

When I was in Peru something shifted. I haven’t given myself 2 months of spaciousness since I was 18. I started the journey with a tantra retreat, where I reclaimed my sovereignty in a way I have never understood before and ended the journey with a plant dieta in the jungle with the Shapebo, where I felt love enter my heart to a capacity I have never felt before.

In between those anchor points birthed a breath of spaciousness that I have never been quite comfortable or peaceful in. I have always felt this underlying anxiety to create something or this pressure to become something, even at the most micro scale. And for the first time ever, I surrendered to what divine will was asking from me. I let go of my agenda and listened to the signs and synchronicities around me, pointing me towards the most natural destiny. And in that space, I felt a level of peace within that I have never been comfortable accepting before.

When I returned to Tulum, I thought it would dissipate after a while, and maybe it will, but the energy behind it is now engrained within me. I no longer wish to create from the energy of need, lack, pressure, or anxiety. I want to continue to choose to create from a place of surrendered presence, peace, and openness to what wants to emerge.

My heart feels different. I shifted into a new timeline on this path of life. I feel what it feels like to be super connected to my truth, my reason for being, my purpose, and the energy exchange of the way I give to this world.

If you read and resonate with this wild journey I am on, thank you. I don’t know how my soul chose to take such a wild route in life but honestly I wouldn’t choose any differently. It feels incredible walking it with you at whatever capacity you choose to engage.

Thank you for seeing my naked heart. My bare soul. My raw existence. 🍃🐅💃🏻

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