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Tantra brings us back into totality with ourselves

⁣Pay attention to the things that make you believe in being alive again, Wild Soul. The songs that shoot joy into your heart, like a rush of adrenaline. The things that make you fall over laughing. The people that expand you into new possibilities and the lovers that heal your heart into total self-acceptance.

Your soul is asking that you align with divine will and access divine desire. Not the desire of your ego, the voice that keeps you safe and logical. No, the voice of your higher self. Mind created desires serve a separate self. When you start to live your divine desire, you start to align with ultimate truth. If we all did this, we would shift as a population from separation to unity. This is where pure love exists. ⁣

Once you align with higher truth, conflicts internally and externally dissolve. Creativity effortlessly flows. ⁣Each of us is whole and complete as we are, yet we experience our human essence relative to others. We fall in love with opposites to reawaken our totality. The dance between duality. The aim is to unite these energies within weaving us back into totality. ⁣

My aim is to bring you back into totality with your conscious being by awakening creativity & Awakening Your Purpose. My Awaken Your Purpose program aims to do just that. Chapter 2 focuses on awakening the divine feminine essence and creating balance in the body through tantra, the divine dance between your inner masculine and feminine energies.



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