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The collective flood gate

We are all feeling it. It’s almost as if we are on the brink of a collective flood gate breaking point. More and more bread crumbs of clues are being revealed. The picture is getting blaringly clear. We are living in one of the most transformational times in history.

And we sit here, knowing that putting certain words in text gets flagged by censorship. We know that there are certain freedoms of speech not truly being honored. There will come a point where this will be so triggering that we can no longer dance around it.

Sometimes when we hold in our expression for so long, it comes out in shadowy ways, with blame and separation and fear or anger. Other times, we give enough space for our thoughts to clarify and culture to be at the place to receive what is being shared. That point is coming. So many of us have been waiting, watching, curiously wondering, and trusting.

I’d like to offer another layer to this. This is the same thing we do in our relationships, our home lives, our jobs. We dance around topics that feel emotionally charged, controversial, or edgy and lean away. Sometimes spaciousness breeds clarity. Other times, it becomes avoidance and fear based suppression of expression. And it’s so vital to know the difference.

We are seeing the macro mirroring the micro. We are seeing the effects of vocal suppression, hopelessness, fear, and the lack of support from our own families or sometimes communities, makes it harder to stand in truth and claim sovereignty, but this discomfort is literally the pathway to our greatest breakthrough. We are in this TOGETHER. All of us, regardless of what side of the line we stand on. We are all learning how to share our truth and listen to others with open minds. We are all learning how to listen to our inner voice and discern. Although it may feel like we are so far from a solution, this is part of the process of getting there. We are right on time.

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