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The Dance That Changed Everything

I feel music so deeply when I dance. I feel every vibration layering upon the layer and it brings me deeper into the present and into the movement. I feel this natural peace when I ecstatic dance. It’s incredible. Possibly the most incredible feeling in the world. My body starts flowing in one direction and suddenly movement is layered as the musical genius layers on its instrumentals. It turns into a spin from one toe to the next as my arms fly into the air with absolutely no thought. It’s one of the most meditational elements to life that I have encountered. It no longer is an experience about being seen, which is how I was trained to dance in ballet. It is a dance for myself, for release of resistance to life, for clarity and recharge. I have transformed my spirit as a result of this expression of energy. I am grateful for this art. This dance. It is my medicine.

In 2018 I discovered ecstatic dance and it changed my life. You might wonder how something so simple could have such a profound effect on a human, but it truly did. The mind and the body are so intimately interconnected, almost as if one is a direct reflection of the other. They can so beautifully be our greatest assets or our biggest weights. And this dance reminded me of what it felt like to do something for the love of just doing it, without any care in the world as to how it was received. And through that, I released the judgement of how I was received and stepped into my most natural (WILD) nature. It became the dance of liberation of the mind through the body. And naturally my spirit evolved.

If you read the entirety of this post, I honor you so deeply. I don’t tell you that enough. But know that I see you and I love you for showing your love.

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