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The Eye of the Storm

I had a conversation with God yesterday. It was a conversation I’ve never experienced before in my entire life. As rain poured down from the night sky, I felt her speak through me. I felt her rage. I feel her calm. I felt her care. I felt her wild. I stood at the edge of the roof as lightening danced through my fingertips. I felt the collective pain of the earth and gathered it into the night sky to be released in a round of thunder. It was a dance with Mother Nature herself. and I was the eye of her storm.

She asked me how much I could hold. I looked at her and said all of it. Bring more. The lightening struck across the sky and the thunder rolled. She asked me what I wanted to hold. I looked at her and said all of it. This is the time. There is a time to receive and a time to give. And suddenly it hit me. I have been wanting to create an official launch party for the creation I was about to birth. I was planning on inviting my closest friends and providing a special ceremony to set the frequency for what this meant to me. As I looked around the roof, I saw the dance between souls and the exact experience I couldn’t have planned on my own. I could have never planned a lightening storm like that. We were dancing to my favorite setlist by @mosemusica , which I heard live at the eagles nest in Lake Atitlan and now were wildly dancing to with the perfect storm.

This is the most special lions gate portal possible for so many reasons. Gracias Pachamama. This was the most incredible gift I could’ve ever received. I love you.

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