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The Eye of the Storm: How We Stopped A Hurricane From Taking Out Tulum

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

October is one of my favorite months of the year. The seasons shift, the air becomes crisp, the pumpkins multiply, and the drinks get a little cozier. In Tulum, it’s also a time of clearing, and sometimes Mother Nature takes clearing to an entirely new level.

We had a hurricane warning ring the streets of the city this past week and as the warning rose from a category 3 to a category 4, the beach was evacuated. Luckily we have met hundreds of people since we’ve arrived in Tulum, and we had many options for where we could stay. We landed at this beautiful hurricane proof castle designed to withstand a hurricane and as we arrived, another group of goddesses arrived at the same time and we knew we were all brought to this house for something special. We were all tantric manifestors, ceremonialists, and space holders.

We made the cacao, climbed up to the roof, and the 9 of us gathered around and gave love to the land. @krystalaranyani made a comment that it’s better to ask for help like a lover versus a beggar. So instead of pleading for protection, we gave gratitude for grace. We formed a crystal grid in the center of the circle, brought as much love into our hearts as possible, and covered with city with our love. We infused the cacao with our intention and passed it around. As it got to the last person, suddenly the power came back on and a drop of rain fell from the sky. It was almost as if our wish was being granted with the seal of our lips on the cup of the cacao.

There are some things in life we just can’t explain. And this night was surely one of them. All I can say is that it wasn’t a coincidence we were all brought together to this ritualistic space and held the exact magic necessary to bring ourselves into back harmony with Mother Earth.

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