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The Logic Behind Astrology & How It Helps With Self Understanding

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

People ask me all the time WHY I believe in Astrology. There are so many reason why but one of the biggest reasons is pattern recognition. I see patterns in the collective consciousness and it helps me better understand others energetically.

Carl Jung was one of the most influential modern psychologists and worked closely with Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that the human unconscious was a place to harbor negative beliefs while Jung believed it contained both positive and negative thoughts. According to Jung, there is the personal collective and then collective unconscious consisting of instinctual and universal thought patterns that developed over time, known as “archetypes.”

Jung’ believed that the collective unconscious is reflected though symbols and rituals. He was a student of alchemy, astrology, dream interpretation, and tarot, not for their claimed ability to tell the future or to turn lead into gold, rather, because he believed they could help individuals tap into the collective unconscious and explore the archetypal behaviors that resided within.

Have you ever noticed that certain people carry similar energies? Have you ever correlated certain characteristics in people to their birthdays? I know, how odd. But, try it. Ask any Sagittarius born between November 21 and December 21 their relationship to freedom. They are more likely than any other to be totally nomadic and free. They love to roam. Aries are the most energetic of them all. They love to move around quickly and their minds are fast and witty. Capricorns are business like and serious, treating their relationships like business partnerships. These of course are widespread generalizations and every single person in this world is unique, so let me explain one level deeper. Your birthday only tells you where the sun was when you were born. Your exact time of birth determines which angle the sun was at when you were born which determines your "rising sign," and adds to the complexity. Your place of birth determines where the planets were at the exact time of your birth, therefore, indicating the energetic pull each planet had on you at the exact time and place of your birth. If everything in this world is energy and our sun is the major source of our own energy, each planet also gives off energy and affects us in ways unknown and known to us. Every planet represents something different. Mars is the planet of drive and ambition. Venus is the planet of love and connection. We all have different charts because no two people are born at the exact same time in the same place on the same date, with the exception of twins, which is an interesting study in itself.

I encourage you to find out the date, time, and place of your birth and have a Natal Chart run for you. (I can run one for you.) It can give you pages of insight about your natural tendencies in relation to the planetary energies. YOU always have the choice of consciously expressing the energies against your natural tendency, but the chart will give you insight into where you could see hardship. You are completely developed by the age of 27-29 and have a good representation of who you are and how you respond to things in life. Before 27, astrologically you haven't yet experienced the full array of lessons that life could throw your way, so it is actually a good idea to look this up for awareness. Even greater than that, this is a great tool for understanding others and their method for receiving communication. Treat this as a tool for pattern recognition, not the be all end all bible of people reading. Use with caution, but do know that this is available to all of us.



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