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The Mask of Masculinity & The Rise in Femininity

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Have you ever felt like something was holding you back in life? Or you are not where you expected to be? Maybe something is missing for you.

So many people spend their entire lives like this. This affects all of us on some level.

But life DOES NOT have to be this way.

Maybe you have it all together on paper. College degree, great job, tons of accomplishments and raises.

But internally you are struggling. You suppress emotions. You hide behind a smile. And you throw yourself into work. Maybe you feel the need to prove yourself. To compete. To get better.

My way of doing this was through gymnastics, where every toe point was a tenth deduction, every imperfection was marked and noticed. I worked and worked to prove myself, to get better, to compete. But when I got hurt and it ended any future I had with the sport, I threw myself into business, continuing to prove myself to the world starting 2 businesses by 21 and assisting with another. Then moving into a corporate job and moving up into management. I had a great salary, a great life, a steady path.

But, I was afraid to show my true story, afraid to speak what I really wanted to share. I was terrified of being flawed. I was not living my soul's truth.

So I went on a personal journey to find my inner voice. The journey that changed everything for me. I packed up my life into a backpack and moved to a rice field in Bali to gain a deeper understanding on why we are here and what really makes us feel fulfilled. And through embodiment exercises, meditations, yoga practice, conversations with coaches, and books, I learned how deep of a mask I was wearing. I was covering up my feminine energy through this mask of being strong and competing. I discovered that my perception of the feminine was flawed. I feared it. I feared crippling emotions that I saw from my mother. What I really feared was the unhealthy feminine. I was proving myself and in turn was preventing myself from deeply connecting with people and to my truth. It led me to think that I would never be good enough.

It is only through our truest feminine potential where we find real fulfillment. Through developing our most natural expressed being without a mask, without needing to be strong, without proving our worth. Our souls are deeply desiring this reconnection to the healthy feminine. Taking off the mask of masculinity. Being who we truly are.

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