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The Millennial Generation is the Transformation Generation

Our generation is here on a mission. Those born between 1983 and 1995 are here for something so massive. It isn’t a coincidence that you love transformation to the level that you do. This was built in our DNA. Our ancestors paved the way for us to shake things up a bit. And now it’s time. We are being activated. 🔮

Our planet is about to go through a massive shift and awakening. They call us the entitled generation but in all honestly it’s not that we are entitled. It’s that we see the potential of this world like no other has yet seen and we know we are here for massive change. And that takes leadership. That takes going against the grain. That takes thinking differently. Our entire generation has Pluto in Scorpio. Anyone born between 1983 and 1995 fit this mold. This is very unique to us. Pluto rules Scorpio. And Pluto is the planet of massive transformation and change. Scorpio is a sign of death and rebirth. Those born with Saturn in Aquarius are here to shift the way we build structures and systems and world foundations. Aquarius is the visionary sign filled with intellect. It’s the humanitarian that is willing to do whatever it takes for justice, even if that means going against the grain completely. .


We are here to rise together. 2020 is just the beginning. It can be as exciting or scary as we make it. Let’s choose together to create a heart centered world where the feminine intuitive wisdom leads the way forward. Where power is held by those who are empowered from source, not ego. Where leaders arise from integrity and awareness. Its time to rise in leadership. You ARE here for a massive mission. It’s time to step into that.



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