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The mother frequency 🤱🏻

When we give birth to projects, they require love, care, and nurturing, much like a child. The initial fire for creating the project is similar to the ecstasy we feel when we make love. The passion ignites this flame and suddenly a project is birthed. This is the beauty of the wild woman frequency. But then what?

Carrying a project out to the end requires care and nurturing. It’s a commitment. And it hit me that I have been disconnected from the mother frequency. I love creating projects; I love the passion and excitement, the ideation, the launch, the wow factor. But I have not fully appreciated the journey of nurturing my tribe. And 2 weeks ago the weight of that truth hit my heart at its core and created a tightening around my chest. It hurt to feel the neglect. As I relaxed into the feeling, I felt compassion and love settle in and a shift inside. My heart softened and I fell into this place of love and care. My felt inner mother come alive over the next few days which turned into weeks.

The Chrysalis has been a place to be all of youself. In your everythingness. Filled with love and compassion. A place for completing cycles and coming home to yourself. A space to be totally seen and heard for your truth.

We’ve found that the truth emerges when we feel safe enough to open and share ourselves. When we have space to be heard and seen and loved in our mess. To be accepted for our truth. This is how our wings fully open. And in order to truly do that, we need a cozy space. A home to rest into relaxation, and a mother to create the coziness.

The Chrysalis has has needed a mother, not just a wildfire of ignitor fluid. My work is a direct reflection of my internal world and as I shift, that energy is carried into my projects. I feel the mother archetype infusing its tender touch upon the wings of this creation, nurturing the community into its fullest expression.

Ashtehe Chrysalis family.

I love you deeply.

Thank you for witnessing me in this journey.



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