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The New Paradigm

The shift is imminent.

The new paradigm is already here, regardless of how strongly we try and hold onto the old.

I used to be so proud of my work ethic. In high school I used to say, I may not be the smartest but I can out-work anyone. There was a part of me that loved filling every 15 of my day with something.

I was so proud of it that I almost didn’t want to hire anyone else when it came time to expand because I loved the ability to do it myself.

I even found myself committing to roles that I was really skilled at doing but actually really disliked just because I loved the idea of being needed and helpful. It was the perfect trap for my ego, every time.

So I got real and asked, if I had a full team of people helping me, what would I want to outsource? What isn’t giving me joy? What am I doing for my ego? What am I doing because I love knowing I did it? Where could someone else could do this out of the energy of joy?

There was no Forbes 30 under 30 list giving me an award for doing what I loved and feeling so damn good at the end of the day. Another ego trap. Ouch.

The year I left corporate, I remember a story about a 30 year old guy dying under his desk at an investment banking firm after not leaving the office for a week.

Being passionate and doing your best at what you love is one thing. Dying from overwork under your cubicle is old paradigm.

We are moving into the new earth! Where going to school, getting a job, getting married, buying a home, and retiring isn’t the cycle. We are breaking the systems down and instead traveling, taking on creative projects, working completely online, collaborating in a beautiful coworking space on the beach, buying real estate, investing in crypto. We get to recreate how this cycle moves and choose the most exciting natural way for us to move. It’s less of a mountain and more of a wheel of balance.

Success is shifting.

This is the NEW EARTH.

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