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The Peru Shift

After coming back from Peru, I had a massive shift in perspective. Through all of the lessons I learned on sovereignty, personal responsibility, embodied leadership, space holding, plant and earth wisdom, collaboration, and vulnerability, I officially moved out of my apartment in Atlanta, sold my car, and moved to Tulum with a fresh set of eyes. It was an energetic closing of one chapter and opening of another.

I moved into a beautiful home in Tulum and planted roots, knowing I was here to stay, opened the doors to my Embodied Leadership Academy, held a life changing Wild Heart Retreat, and grounded the next phase of the Chrysalis.

I felt myself moving through a rite-of-passage starting in March during my trip to Guatemala. I slowly started seeing the world with even more clarity and truth. As my own truth deepened, the world around me sharpened. I was asked to play a bit larger and invested more money into myself than I ever have before, trusting in the energetics of life.

Hosting retreats has easily become one of my greatest joys in my life. There is no better feeling than bringing a group of women together in vulnerability, connection, and authentic expression.

This December, we are holding another Wild Heart Retreat, due to an overwhelming interest after our last retreat in September. This will be a beautifully curated experience for 12 women ready to embark on a life changing heart opening retreat in the Land of Manifestation leading up to the holidays.

This will open you to layers of heart centered manifestation through ...

🌹 Tantra

🌹 Authentic connection

🌹 Vulnerability circles

🌹 Embodiment practices

🌹 Plant healing

🌹 Wild woman rituals

🌹 Breathwork and more

It will undoubtedly be the best retreat experience we have ever hosted.



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