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The Rewild Method

There is a shift in leadership coming. And I’m not talking about the people in power, I’m talking about a shift in the way we view power. .

Currently, the people with the most power are the people who lead with force and control. Similarly to love, power is sourced from within. False power comes from the external, which raises and lowers ego, but true power exists outside of ego. (Ego meaning our shell that lies over our True Self.) Similarly to love, it is sourced from within us. We ‘can’ feel love from others but when we source it from within, it’s ever lasting. It is the same with Power. Sourced from within. .

Divine Feminine Leadership has nothing to do with gender. This is a movement to bring leadership back to True Self. Back to the present moment, where pure consciousness exists. Some people think that surrender is the opposite of power, but in surrender, we let go of ego. We let go of the false sense of self. Surrender is yin. Surrender is innately feminine. .

I feel this MASSIVE calling to shift the constructs of what it means to be a leader. We are moving into a world where force and corruption and control is going to get stronger before we see freedom. And in order to truly make a change, we have to change the core of leadership. This message is for both men and women. .

This is a calling to REWILD. To come back into our natural essence. Our pure consciousness. Where the ego relaxes into trust and safety. Where we accept the moment and respond from intuition. Where we throw 10 page strategies out the window that haven’t worked for the past 50 years and we operate from a place of presence and attuned consciousness. .

How do we do that?

We start by getting out of FEAR and coming into TRUST. The Method above is step 1. This is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. We can’t change the world through one method but we can start a shift the individual consciousness one leader at a time though baby steps. When we rise, we rise together. Let’s do this, world. We got this. . .

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