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The Rocket Ship To Space

The last 3 weeks left like a rocket ship with excess fuel strapped to a mission that finally felt resonant in my entire being. 🚀

The direction was there. The intention was there. The substance was there. Yet to keep a rocket ship in space, it needed to hit some sort of gravitational field barrier. I made my way towards the gravity line and worked with the foundation I had, moving in such a flow, listening to the plant spirits whisper, feeling the manifestations appear, yet as I saw the entrance line to space, I put the breaks on immediately. I had enough rocket fuel to get me right to the gravitation edge and had no idea what might live on the other side.

Out there requires different laws than in here. What if this doesn’t work? What if this is all theory? What would keep moving me in the right direction while floating in empty space? I had exhausted my jet fuel. So how could I continue moving in an actual direction? For me, the answer has always been breath, sound and movement. And more recently, a shifting relationship to the human experience, the sacredness of all emotions, the gift of vulnerability, and the great trust fall into this timeless existence.

I keep coming back to this place, remembering that life is happening only in this moment, and I am choosing to exist in every moment, deciding what my heaven on earth feels like the most. What does it feel like to experience heaven on earth? Breath. Sound. Movement. Embodiment. & Gratitude.

For me, this is the key to flow. Embodiment. And this Lion’s Gate, I am announcing a few superrrrr sacred projects that I have been working on. One in particular is my heart’s deepest excitement. And it was created over years and most recently infused with the energy of spaciousness and embodiment with traces of organic rocket fuel naturally as the base of its spine. 🌹💃🏻🐅

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