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The year I said YES to absolutely EVERYTHING and how it changed my life

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

One year ago today, I wrote a journal entry to myself. I was lost. I was confused. It was January and I was going on year four at a job I didn't enjoy at all. I am reflecting on my year of 2018. It is 12:12AM and I am sitting outside my villa in Bali furiously writing full of passion. I can't believe what this year brought me. It was absolutely INSANE. I said YES to every single thing that came my way this year -- well at least 95% of everything. I decided against a few things due to competing priorities. I stepped into my purpose, I healed from a twin flame love, I fell in love again, I started a business, I moved internationally, I befriended about 200 new friends traveling around the world, I found a new love for ecstatic dance, I gained consciousness. But I started from the damn bottom. Crying daily. So lost. So confused. So hurt. So clueless as to how to get out of the spiral.

The world is full of possibilities. The opportunities are endless. Our mind is the only thing holding us back from executing the impossible. I am 25. No, I don't need to figure out my life today-- nor should I. It is okay to not know everything. But it helps to go after a goal. My goals change on a yearly basis. As I come into contact with new people, I transform and grow and learn. That's why it is crucial to surround yourself with the right people. Right now, most of my friends are corporate, wealthy, travelers that party and enjoy the good life. But that isn't what I want. I thought I did, but for some reason, I preferred creating something from scratch, having ownership, working super hard. Yes, I love having this level of responsibility, I love the importance, the status, the reputation, (conscious me now says: AKA the ego). But it is all a facade. I want to surround myself with people that are changing the world. People that are movers and shakers in a space. People that come in and crush life. At IBM, people aren't passionate about their jobs. They put in minimal effort and leave. I am excited to go somewhere where the people are passionate, where the company has an impactful mission of changing the world, where I get paid just as I do now, where there is a clear opportunity to advance, where I can work directly with the founder who has been successful in many ventures, and eventually have enough confidence to create my own venture. I would like to have a coaching practice where I travel all over the world and speak to clients and host conferences. I would like to publish a book and follow the journey of Jen Sincero."

I wrote this before knowing anything I would be doing this year. And this year, I ended up leaving my job after taking a trip to India. I started working for a successful entrepreneur and we build an incubator for startups in Atlanta. I then left to start my own coaching business, became nomadic, and moved to Bali for the rest of the year. I am by no means a successful thriving coach making my corporate salary with a 401k and health insurance benefits. But I sure as hell am doing exactly what I desired to be doing. I am not crying everyday after work anymore, and I am living out the coolest possible life I could have ever imagined. I am 26 years old with not much to lose right now and I am taking a risk in life to do what I love while I still can. It was now or never and I chose now. I found out what I was passionate about to the point of staying up until 3am learning about it. I found a group of people in Bali who all LOVE this same topic. I found my tribe. I discovered my passion. I lived the vision I dreamt up a year ago. There is so much power in words. In manifestation. In truly writing what your heart desires and letting the universe help you along the way.

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