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Virgo Full Moon: Envisioning a New Future

The collective consciousness energy is asking us to envision a new future for our lives.

With 4 planets in Pisces and 3 in Aquarius, we are feeling both the dreamer and the big picture strategist within all of us coming together. This is a time to envision the life you want and actually put the game plan together to create it. The Virgo Full moon is asking us to take a single step forward. Sometimes the first step is the hardest and momentum is what keeps us moving.

We are deep within our Empress Codes program and something we have been teaching inside the 13 codes is the 3 stages of leadership. Each code has 3 stages of where a person can play in life. When it comes to dreams and visions, there are also 3 stages.

Let's take a look.

Level 1: Predictability.

We choose our dreams based on evidence. History already showed us we can do this… so let's do it again.

Level 2: Possibility

What if? What if I took a chance? We explore the what if's and lean into trying. We look beyond our history and think bigger.

Level 3: Potentiality

You are shooting for the greatest star to JUMP and trust that whatever happens is perfect. in full purpose. Anchoring wholeness. Living at your edge. Am I willing? Knowing you got you.

So we have a choice here. Where do we want to play during this Pisces season. This is a time of the year to create a dream so big, we get nervous inside. Aries season is next and that is the fire that will ignite your vision into action.

Right now, take time to assess your dreams and envision larger.

Which level are you playing at?

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