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Want to know a secret?

Want to know a secret? 😋

Dance is quite possibly the key to living the life we all want.

This is how we circulate energy, get new ideas, verses sitting in one place racking our brains for answers. When we get out of thinking mode, we get into flow. Newness needs space. You have to clear out the old go welcome the new.

This is the single greatest reason people arent manifesting what they want.

They aren’t circulating energy!


Allow space for new wild exciting energy.

Change up your clothes, the places you work, the way you brush your teeth.

Shake things up.

Shakkkke things up.

Declutte your space. Your wardrobe. Go to a new city. On a larger scale, change your job.

Routine is important but circulating energy is more important. Shaking up our cells turns on our life force energy.

Turn on your life force and DANCE.



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