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We Chose Our Parents for this Exact Reason

I’ve never written this before. But I have thought it many times over. And I feel that acknowledging this may bring others into a similar place of awareness.

My representations of masculine and feminine come from my mother and father and the ways in which they embody the masculine and feminine energies. Like all of us, we interpret the world based on what we knew growing up. And what I knew is a father who was extremely intelligent, analytical, athletic, and logical. A Capricorn. The father of the zodiac. My mother was unconditionally loving, poured her heart into her family and into raising kids, never said a bad thing about anyone ever, and felt emotions to a degree that I may never experience. A Cancer. The mother of the zodiac.

And then there is me. A gemini. The twins that erupted from two oppositions of the zodiac. How fitting. A black sheep in every sense of the word. And a black sheep I truly am. I had been to 10 countries before ANYONE in my family had ventured to one. I was the only one to leave home and adventure off to school. The only one to exit the medical field and go my own way. The only one with explosive fiery passion to create. Where the hell did I come from??

You see I chose this exact family to be born into because I had a few lessons to learn in this lifetime. I came into a grounded family to balance out my dreamy floating mind. I came into a family where the masculine energy was respected much more than the feminine. Where athletics and accolades were the way to the heart. And where emotions were deemed too much. It gave me such an incredible foundation. Yet it fueled a massive purpose that took me to the ends of the globe in search of a solution.

While, I did say I was a black sheep, I am also a bit extreme. I went on a journey to explore the dynamics between the masculine and feminine energies, starting from my grandparent’s birthplace of Estonia to Bali, Indonesia. And what I discovered was quite profound. For now, all I will say is that I was reincarnated into this body to change that narrative for all past and future maternal generations for my ancestors. My role in this lifetime is to unrepress and express the feminine energy. To lead with intuition and trust. To dive into the unknown. This is where it shifts. We are coming into balance as a society, but in order to ripple out, it has to start from within.

Your soul was given a soul assignment. And your parents are part of that contract. You were raised in the exact situation that was required for you to fulfill this mission. For me, that exploration involved a lot of pain and pattern recognition. For you it may be easier… but chances are, this path is never easy. And if you are going to dive into it, know going in that there is a greater purpose at work. And just by reading this, you can trust you are being guided.



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