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What is the New Earth?

On an individual level some may say it’s about …

🌱 Eating Vegan

🌏 Caring about Mother Earth

📺 Avoiding Programmed TV

🦷 Using Fluoride free toothpaste

🤖 Having awareness of conspiracy

😇 Practicing religious freedom

🪄 Allowing others to believe as they wish about why we exist

💯 Not judging others for not doing these things

On a leadership level, some may say it’s about …

🙌🏼Collaboration over competition

🙌🏼Abundance over scarcity systems

🙌🏼Intuition over logic

🙌🏼Pulling verses pushing

🙌🏼Allowing over taking

🙌🏼Heart center leadership over domination

🙌🏼Creativity over cookie cutter structures

🙌🏼Individualization over mass production

🙌🏼Impact first companies

🙌🏼Community based natural living over city overpopulation

🙌🏼Decentralization over centralization

🙌🏼Sustainablity over one time usability

🙌🏼Shared economics over capitalism

Ultimately it’s about creating regenerative systems that expand verses contract upon itself.

… it’s truly about taking sovereignty over your own life and changing yourself before changing the world.

It has less to do with politics, categories, and separation, and more to do with bringing personal choice back to the human. Less reliance and more personal responsibility.

This is less about preaching a belief system and more about empowering a perspective on what freedom means for you. Everyone opens up to these learnings as they are meant to. When it is time for them, knowing there is no right or wrong.

But for those who have opened to this already, this is our time to build and create. There are hundreds of off grid communities being built as we speak, thousands of online communities being created, and millions of people getting the exact same downloads.



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