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What is your paradox to spiritual awakening?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Hey Soul Sister,

Like me, you may be searching for answers in this world. Why do we exist? Why are humans here? How are they here? Science has only brought us so far. And many scientists refuse to consider the possibility of spirituality in their studies. For me, this is my primary source to connection with the universe and source energy. How can you find true spiritual awakening in your own life? No, not the religious gathering intellectual understanding kind, but the kind you feel deep down in your soul based on a place of internal knowingness.

All spiritual awakening occurs through paradox. Through a breakthrough of open mindedness. Through looking at life outside of your current belief system and challenging your own status quo. Your own mind is limiting you from reaching ultimate knowingness. The information your mind has been downloading information from birth based on beliefs of those who have walked before you. Those beliefs could be so ingrained in your mind yet came from a source that is not pure generations back. You will never find true knowingness of being through the mind. The mind only knows what it can understand. And at this point in time, humanity has not found a logic based understanding, only internal intuition based knowingness. So how does the paradox work?

Find an internal polarity that is charged. For me, that’s the feminine and the masculine. Others use love and fear, scarcity and abundance, intimacy and aloneness, giving and receiving, fast and slow, etc. Every instance of polarity includes fear and desire. We use the square method to explain. A square has 4 corners, one for both instances of polarity against fear and desire. The more aware we become of what we have been hiding from ourselves, the more we will open up to the infinite possibilities of the world. In this instance I can desire and fear the feminine, I can desire and fear the masculine.

The feminine and masculine energy has nothing to do with woman and man. Think of this more as yin and yang. It isn't gender specific. Every person has both energies within. Personally, my thoughts are most familiar in the masculine. I grew up in the masculine society of America, where progress and productivity was valued more than love and openness. Given that, although I do have a lot of masculine energy, in a way I actually fear the masculine. I fear not having success. Will people not like me if I am not successful? If I experience too much masculine, could I smother creative energy? Could too masculine put me too far into the mind and not into the heart? Could I lose touch with my body. The masculine isn’t intuitive, it is enslaved to work, pressured, rigid. I reached a point in my life where I started to become aware of the terms around these energy dynamics and this fear. I started to understand the feminine energy and started to respect it. I started to dive deeper into this. And this was my paradox around spiritual awakening. Diving into the feminine energy completely. Allowing myself to follow my own intuition, to flow with life verses control it, to get vulnerable, receive help from others, connect deeply with my emotions, and go within.

This is where my spiritual awakening occurred. Through challenging my own status quo, challenging my beliefs, and allowing myself to dive into something unfamiliar. What is your paradox? What is a point of comfort and fear in your life? And how can you open your mind to something outside of your current belief system?

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