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What makes a man a king?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for the past 3 years. And I’ve finally landed on an answer that rings true for me. #1 - A king has unwavering self trust. When a man is anchored in trust, his certainty is palpable and a woman can fully surrender into his leadership. I trust myself deeply and when I can sense that my self trust is stronger than my lovers, I automatically take on the masculine role in a connection. It’s not that I enjoy being in that space. In fact, I crave being led by the masculine. But I cannot surrender to something I don’t fully trust. A king trusts in himself so deeply that his queen can fully surrender her body and mind into his leadership. #2 - A king has the ability to share his truth in full transparency. Truth tends to live right beyond the shadow. Right beyond the shame and judgment. If we fear a part of our truth, we will hide it. If we don’t know how something will be received, we suppress it in order to protect it. But ultimately, the truth is where the greatest trust lives. When a man is in touch with his emotions, his mission, and his heart, he is able to move through fear and uncertainty and touch the deepest truth. He can then lead a woman to open her heart and safely express from her deepest essence. This is where intimacy is born. From this place, there is an opportunity to learn the tools of nonviolent communication, authentic relating, and circling to create a container to literally guide and lead others into their own authentic truth. For me, this is King Mastery. This is what new paradigm leadership actually is. And this is what my heart is waiting for.

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