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What You Crave is Expansion over Rebellion

I laid there looking at the clouds for hours as my thoughts danced across my consciousness sporadically, and I kept coming back to the word expansion. .

It’s a word that I cherish so much yet a word that dances so closely with limitation. .

As a child, I was considered rebellious by my parents, like so many of us are called by those who try to tame our wild within. There was always a part of me that knew it wasn’t a rebellion against them, it was a rebellion against limitation. There was a deep part of my soul that saw humanity as walking zombies who lost touch with their infinite nature. As children we are created with infinite potential, made of the same components that created this world. And deep down, I was fighting for this natural essence of expansion. I didn’t ever want to lose the feeling of infinity. .

But as I got older, life did what it does to many, and I took the route most traveled. It led me to a place where I was considered extremely successful by American standards, yet I felt like that walking zombie inside. I was making more money than I knew what to do with, yet felt more disconnected from my mission than ever. So I let go of the set for life salary and red bottomed heels and traded one limitation for another in hopes of finding ultimate expansion. And in that journey reconnected with what it meant to feel truly infinite. .

As those puffy clouds paced by, I realized one of the biggest fears I hold in relationships is also limitation. I enjoy feeling free to evolve with the natural cycles of life and experiencing the MOST life has to offer, while also maintaining a level of security with a partner. And when it comes down to it, a relationship is a container. And when we enter a relationship, we agree to stay within a container. We determine how far we are willing to expand and contain our container. And we can only hope we can find a container that matches our own. We hope to find someone where 1+1=11. And if our rate of expansion isn’t matched, we want to know that we will be loved and honored regardless, while feeling free to continue on our path. That our love only grows with our expansion. And as a team we are infinite.



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